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The Dead Recruiter Walking.... Posted:
5 Nov 15 - 9:57AM
WeThink blog
The Dead Recruiter Walking....
If you read my last blog (thanks Mum), you’ll know I am a big advocate for the career recruiter and what our industry now offers us long term, but with the long term recruiter comes a big warning sign. Let me explain why. Like any economy...
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57% of London web developers now earn over £50,000 Posted:
27 Oct 15 - 11:46AM
WeThink blog
57% of London web developers now earn over £50,000
Despite the UK’s economic decline in recent years, demand for web developers is higher than ever before. Salary increases and the rising job ava...
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13 Oct 15 - 11:13AM
WeThink blog
Shared parental leave will benefit economy
Plans to include grandparents in shared parental leave will benefit the UK economy, according to Rethink Group. The specialist recruitment and talent...
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ReThink's charity football tournament Posted:
6 Oct 15 - 2:55PM
WeThink blog
ReThink's charity football tournament
Last weekend, ReThink held a five-a-side football tournament to raise money for the Booth Centre, as part of our commitment to provide on-going su...
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We've been shortlisted! Posted:
2 Oct 15 - 1:37PM
ReThink news
We've been shortlisted!
We're delighted to announce that we've been shortlisted for this year's IRP awards, aimed at recognising and honouring the achievements of both indi...
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30 Sep 15 - 4:03PM
WeThink blog
The questions that need to be asked about flexible working
Flexible working is a hot topic at the moment and you barely have to open an HR publication to see someone arguing that it’s the future of emplo...
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25 Sep 15 - 11:05AM
WeThink blog
Flexible working...
A ‘magic bullet’ or an over-simplified answer to workplace engagement? A little while back my colleague, Andy Lord, Rethink’s COO, ...
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The long road to KPI freedom Posted:
23 Sep 15 - 10:21AM
WeThink blog
The long road to KPI freedom
  Adam Manson Sales Manager Connect with Adam here  ...
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Which IT skills are still ‘hot’ as summer ends? Posted:
21 Sep 15 - 2:03PM
WeThink blog
Which IT skills are still ‘hot’ as summer ends?
  Contractor’s Question: Which IT contractor skills are ‘hot’ as the fourth quarter approach...
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17 Sep 15 - 12:26PM
WeThink blog
‘Tech levels' could halt skills shortages
The introduction of 'tech levels' to the UK school curriculum could help to slow down, or even halt, the ongoing skills shortage in the technology are...
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The Evolution of the 'Career Recruiter'... Posted:
15 Sep 15 - 9:48AM
WeThink blog
The Evolution of the 'Career Recruiter'...
Hi, my name is Rick, and I’ve been in recruitment for almost 12 years now…Sounds like something from an AA meeting doesn’t it? But ...
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