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Culture Club Posted:
20 Aug 14 - 11:31AM
WeThink blog
Culture Club
The Oxford English Dictionary describes culture as “the cultivation of bacteria, tissue cells, etc. in an artificial medium containing nutrients,” however, if you look away from the biological meaning of culture it can also be defined as ...
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UAE Job Market Set To Grow Further Posted:
19 Aug 14 - 12:04PM
ReThink news
UAE Job Market Set To Grow Further
Forty-four per cent of UAE employers are definitely hiring in the coming three months.   Hiring in the UAE will see a significant uptick ov...
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London - The place for work? Posted:
18 Aug 14 - 1:21PM
WeThink blog
London - The place for work?
London has long been a dominant hub for employers and employees alike, but the latest findings seemingly make the capital even more appealing. Last ...
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16 Jul 14 - 2:25PM
WeThink blog
Key Findings from the Rethink Retail Report
ReThink Retail’s Retail Report finds analytics and social media specialists are in high demand We recently released our 2014 Retail Report whic...
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ReThink Retail Report 2014 Posted:
4 Jul 14 - 2:25PM
ReThink news
ReThink Retail Report 2014
The UK retail landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade. Ten years ago, the world had yet to go through a global recession, Twitter and ...
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30 Jun 14 - 3:17PM
ReThink news
UK Skills Shortage
So, the job market is on the up (HURRAH), but is it time to breathe a sigh of relief just yet? As has been much speculated, the latest UK employment ...
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My decision to join ReThink has certainly been the right one Posted:
28 Mar 14 - 4:18PM
WeThink blog
My decision to join ReThink has certainly been the right one
By Luke Ryan I joined ReThink just over 2 years ago from University and started within the Energy team. My first impressions were very good as ...
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Rethink Talent Management – the best kept secret Posted:
21 Mar 14 - 2:55PM
WeThink blog
Rethink Talent Management – the best kept secret
By Giles Sumner, Client Services Director at Rethink Group   Whether it was a crystal clear moment of self realisation, the type that com...
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The war for talent is hotting up Posted:
19 Mar 14 - 4:41PM
WeThink blog
The war for talent is hotting up
• ReThink Recruitment's latest annual survey finds salaries and rates continue upward trend as IT skills remain in demand • Fig...
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When I was a lad… Posted:
14 Mar 14 - 4:13PM
WeThink blog
When I was a lad…
By Andy Lord, Rethink Group COO Just writing that makes me feel old – I did it on purpose!! What I actually wanted to ask is "where does ...
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Leading the way with leadership training Posted:
11 Mar 14 - 5:54PM
WeThink blog
Leading the way with leadership training
By Simon Johnson I’ve done it, I’ve finally been certified! But what am I on about you’re probably wondering. Well about 18 ...
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