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Are CIOs Bamboozling Their Colleagues With ‘Technobabble’? Posted:
16 Dec 14 - 9:29AM
WeThink blog
Are CIOs Bamboozling Their Colleagues With ‘Techn...
Executive teams are actively looking to IT leaders to demonstrate and explain the value of technology for the company IT professionals are jeopardising their credibility with the board by focusing too much on technology and not enough on strat...
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9 Dec 14 - 2:22PM
WeThink blog
Demand for professional talent up by nearly a third
The latest data from APSCo revealed that growth in the professional staffing market continued to climb across all of the trade association’...
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IRP Awards Evening Posted:
8 Dec 14 - 3:08PM
WeThink blog
IRP Awards Evening
On Friday 5th December, ReThink attended the 2014 IRP Awards ceremony after being nominated for awards in the following categories: - Best Company to...
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IRP Awards 2014 Posted:
5 Dec 14 - 2:37PM
ReThink news
IRP Awards 2014
The 2014 IRP Awards ceremony is now upon us! The ceremony will commence at 7pm this evening and we hope that ReThink will be leaving with a few award...
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Recruitment Live Posted:
28 Nov 14 - 1:04PM
ReThink news
Recruitment Live
This week, ReThink attended Global Recruiter’s ‘Recruitment Live’ event at Excel London. The event presented an opportunity to get t...
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Healthcare Finance Posted:
25 Nov 14 - 6:13PM
WeThink blog
Healthcare Finance
A survey recently raised concerns about the high level of vacancies and use of interims in finance director posts. But is this a spike or business as ...
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Supporting the GRC Posted:
17 Nov 14 - 2:08PM
WeThink blog
Supporting the GRC
Here at Rethink we’re passionate about improving the recruitment experience for both businesses and candidates. The UK is currently in the mid...
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29 Oct 14 - 11:48AM
WeThink blog
Good Recruitment Campaign
On October 17th, ReThink hosted an event in support of the REC's Good Recruitment Campaign (GRC). The campaign was launched earlier this year to hig...
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Too tired to work? Posted:
15 Oct 14 - 2:48PM
WeThink blog
Too tired to work?
Raheem Sterling caused controversy last weekend, after informing England manager, Roy Hodgson, that he was ‘tired’ and subsequently being ...
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14 Oct 14 - 8:44AM
WeThink blog
What does your office say about the company you work for?
The British Council for Offices (BCO) has handed out awards for the "best and most innovative" workplaces in the UK, to represent the best in "visiona...
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8 Oct 14 - 2:48PM
WeThink blog
The rise of the employer brand
Employer branding has become an almost inescapable term in the world of HR, but where has this come from and just how important is it? The term was o...
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