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ReThink Recruitment - Case Studies

BBC Worldwide - Preferred Recruitment Supplier  

Customer: BBC Worldwide

Solution: Permanent and Contractor Preferred Supplier    

In 2010, a major technology transformation programme was initiated at BBC Worldwide, creating a need for significant additional resourcing with positions for up to 40 permanent heads and additional staff in other functions. ReThink Recruitment was chosen as a first tier supplier for both permanent and contract staffing, having won the tender process and also worked with the BBC since 2005.

ReThink’s approach
We recruited both permanent and contract IT staff across all parts of BBC Worldwide using a variety of resourcing methods, including online advertising, branded online campaigns, database searches, networking and headhunting.   

We ran a specific campaign for six permanent staff which involved building an online campaign, with BBC Worldwide branded banners on major job boards and technical forums aimed at senior technical staff. These pages directed visitors to dedicated employer-branded landing pages for the campaign with details of the client, the benefits and details for each role. 

Since we were retained as a supplier we successfully placed ten contractors, ranging from Agile .NET Developers to Programme Managers and twelve permanent staff including Development Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Support and Technical Architects.   

Our permanent recruitment campaign successfully delivered five people in a variety of niche roles such as iPhone Developers, Architects, QA Manager and Head of Project Delivery.  

"We greatly appreciate the efforts that ReThink have made and continue to make on our behalf. We are consistently impressed with the end results in terms of the overall recruitment process, which demonstrates dedication and intelligence surpassing other services. The fact we have very little turnover is a testament to BBC Worldwide being a great place to work but also to the attitude and spirit we have been able to foster through intelligent, targeted recruitment. This has been down to ReThink in no small part.”
Head of Web Operations, BBC Worldwide

Print ready format: BBC Worldwide Permanent and Contract Recruitment Services.pdf

CSE Healthcare Systems - Master Vendor Permanent Services  

Customer: CSE Healthcare Systems

Solution: Master Vendor Permanent Services    

Building strategic partnerships, shaping innovative recruitment strategies and supporting our customers business critical growth strategies. Business as usual at ReThink.

CSE Healthcare Systems is one of the UK’s most successful healthcare system providers, and is the company behind the highly respected RIO Care Records system.

With over 17 years experience of developing high quality, enterprise-wide systems for implementation across community, mental health and hospital based services, CSE Healthcare Systems continues to develop new and exciting functionality to meet the needs of secondary care provider organisations.

In addition to RIO, CSE Healthcare Systems has now launched its Oceano electronic patient records as part of its range of innovative solutions for Acute Hospital care.

ReThink’s approach
ReThink has refined CSE Healthcare Systems recruitment process to allow for volume, technical recruitment over a short period of time, including the use of technical testing, to allow for the effective flow of candidate applications and timely interviews. 

ReThink has provided market information to CSE Healthcare Systems, ensuring their salary and wider remuneration package are competitive within current market conditions.  

We have also created a mini-microsite on the ReThink website ( that takes full advantage of our own SEO strategy. Regular communication and relevant MI reporting have also been introduced.


  • Successfully place 19 new hires in Development and Testing teams

  • Reduced time to hire from 30 days to seven

  • Improved employer brand in marketplace

  • Improved the candidate journey

  • 95% success rate of offer to placement

"ReThink has done an excellent job for CSE Healthcare Systems. They are genuinely motivated to do a good job for all parties, which is very refreshing. They are not interested in just placing someone, they want to place the right person in the right job and to establish and maintain an excellent relationship with CSE and their candidates. We have been recruiting extensively and work with ReThink on a Master Vendor basis as they stand out from the crowd. Unlike all the other agencies and agents who claim to be different and focused on placing the right candidate, ReThink really are”
Development Manager, CSE Healthcare Services

Print ready format: CSE Healthcare Systems Master Vendor Permanent Services.pdf

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