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What does your CV really say about you?

Posted: 08 February 2018

What does your CV really say about you? Are you really conveying what you can bring to a role? Or are you relying on overused cliches?

Make sure you avoid these stock phrases, because they don’t mean what you think they do…

“I love to think outside the box”

I’m so far inside the box that I couldn’t think of a single other way to phrase this.

“I’m a serial entrepreneur”

I’ve never set up a business that’s lasted longer than a year, which is why I really need you to hire me right now.

“I’m a team player”

I’ve spoken to other people at work before – like literally every other person that has applied to this job.

“I’m enthusiastic”

I genuinely couldn’t care less about getting this job.

“I’m looking for a new challenge”

I’m probably about to be fired.

“I’m a thought-leader”

I once posted an article on LinkedIn and it got, like, 50 views.

“I’m an innovative thought-leader”

I just say the same things as everyone else, but louder.

“I’m hard working”

If you have to spell it out, then you are definitely not hardworking. You know what would have been an example of hard working behaviour? Finding another way to say hardworking.

“I have a wide range of skills”

I’m not really that good at anything.

“I love working in a fast-paced environment”

I had a really busy Tuesday once and I survived it.

“I like socialising with friends”

I’m the personification of the colour beige.

“I like to work hard, and pay hard”

I’m probably the worst person you’ve ever met. To spend even 5 minutes in my presence will ruin your day conclusively.