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Is your CV up to scratch? Take our quiz to find out!

Posted: 21 January 2011

Check your CV carefully against each question below, answering yes or no. When you have finished the checklist, you will know how to make your CV more impressive.

For each of the statements below, circle the number you consider applies to you:


  • Is your name and contact info display at the top of each page? Yes/No
  • Does your career objective appear immediately below your name? Yes/No
  • Are your best points relevant to the career goal clearly described early in your CV? Yes/No
  • Are your current address, email, mobile and telephone numbers included? Yes/No
  • Have you included an alternative phone number where a message may be left for you? Yes/No
  • Have you highlighted specific achievements and experiences (and avoided writing a long
    autobiography)? Yes/No
  • Is your highest educational level shown first in the education section? Yes/No

Career objective

  • Does your career objective clearly show what sort of opportunity you want? Yes/No
  • Is this objective a true indication of your personal ambitions? Yes/No
  • If you were an Employer, would you get excited reading this? Yes/No
  • Have you succeeded in explaining what you’ll give, as well as what you want? Yes/No


  • Do your words (wherever possible) show results you have achieved, problems you have dealt with and important learning experiences you have had? Yes/No
  • Have you mentioned any of your activities in the community that demonstrate your planning, teamwork, organising and communicating ability? Yes/No
  • Have you avoided including information on your religion, ethnic origin or citizenship? Yes/No
  • If you have decided to include your age, have you listed your date of birth rather than your present age? Yes/No
  • Have you used short statements and short paragraphs? Yes/No
  • Is your use of punctuation correct? Yes/No
  • Is the spelling correct? Yes/No
  • Have you avoided long words, business jargon and terms that you do not normally use? Yes/No
  • Do most of the statements in your résumé start with action verbs? Yes/No
  • Have you succeeded in using “I” fewer than three times, if at all? Yes/No
  • Have you avoided being too shy, or modest, in describing yourself and your achievements? Yes/No

Rate your CV on the points shown below. Score from a low of 1 to a high of 3:

How it could be improved?

  • Overall appearance. Is it easy to read quickly? 1/2/3
  • Layout. Does it look professional and well typed? Do key points stand out? 1/2/3
  • Length. Could the CV tell the same story if it were shortened? 1/2/3
  • Relevance. Has irrelevant information been eliminated? 1/2/3
  • Writing Style. Is it easy to get a picture of me from the contents? 1/2/3
  • Action Orientation. Do most sentences and paragraphs begin with action verbs? 1/2/3
  • Precision. Does it avoid generalities and focus on specific information about my experience, projects, results? 1/2/3
  • Accomplishments. Are my accomplishments and learning skills emphasised? 1/2/3
  • Completeness. Is all important information included? 1/2/3
  • Bottom Line. How well does my CV accomplish its purpose of getting the employer to invite me for an interview? 1/2/3

Rating point total
Grand Total = (30 maximum)

How does your CV score?

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