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New Year, New Me… New Job?

Posted: 31 December 2017

Many of us would have taken the New Year as an opportunity to reflect back on 2017 and make some resolutions for the year ahead – ‘new year, new me’.

For some, this will come in the form of those generic lifestyle changes that we’re all too familiar with; joining the gym (for a couple of months at least…); eating healthily (Must. Shift. That. Christmas. Weight.); dropping the drink (after consuming your yearly allowance of alcohol in December alone); and ditching the cigs (if only they weren’t bad for you!).

For others, it will be to seek potentially less transient adventures – in the form of a new job.

A recent survey by Brighton based accountancy firm, Crunch, found that nearly a third of us (32.5 per cent of the UK’s workforce) will be looking to begin on the path to changing jobs this month.

But how do you know if it’s time to move on?

Well, let’s start by looking at some of the reasons we stay put – if we’re being truly honest with ourselves – and then break these down.

I know my job

You know your current job like the back of your hand; the people, the tech, the politics, and everything in between. Fantastic. But how does that bode with your long-term career aspirations?

Staying put in a job that you’ve already completely mastered is likely to be detrimental to your career. If you are to reach your full potential and fulfil your ambitions then it’s imperative you keep learning the tricks of your trade and challenge yourself.

What’s more, when you do finally decide it’s time to move on, potential employers will want to see you’ve been working on your professional development – those who have sought continuous personal growth often fair better on the job market than those who have opted to plough the same furrow.

Feel challenged, not comfortable.

I’m not sure exactly what I want from my next job

You and many others! Whether you’re considering a complete career change, or specialising in a different area / changing roles within your current sector, sometimes you just need to go out and test the waters to find out what’s right for you.

Staying in your current role isn’t going to help you figure it out.

I’m too old

Unless you walked the Earth when the dinosaurs were still kicking about, you’re never too old to change jobs.

If you’ve kept your skills up-to-date with what’s in demand in your chosen sector, then you will still be marketable to potential employers.

Age is just a number.

What if I change jobs and it doesn’t work out?

The world ends…

It doesn’t really. If you move jobs, you are of course taking a calculated risk into the unknown – it is possible that things might not work out. That said, if you stay at your current job, however unlikely it may seem, you could also lose it next week. Remember, rarely do businesses stay the same for long even if that’s your career plan.

If your new job doesn’t work out, then you simply just jump back on the job hunt, hopefully with a bit more knowledge as to what you really want from your next role.

If you’re staying put in your current job for any of the above reasons, you may want to consider joining the 32.5 per cent of the UK’s workforce who will be looking for a new job this month.

If you are looking to kick-off 2018 with a new job, you can start your search here or speak to one of our award winning consultants.