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What do recruiters really want from your CV?

Posted: 15 August 2016

We all know that it is essential to have an impressive CV. In the vast sea of candidates you need to make sure that you make the biggest splash.

That being said, a CV is a very daunting thing to write because there is so much pressure riding on just a couple of sides of paper.

But don’t worry, Rethink is here to help. We have grilled our top recruiters who have revealed some of their top tips for writing a CV that is sure to make you stand out.

  • Keep your CV short – According to research carried out by the National Citizen Service, an employer is likely to spend less than 10 seconds on your CV. If your best qualities are not conveyed in this time then reconsider the format and content of your CV.
  • Put your contact details at the end – When an employer reads a CV, they will always look for your contact information. By putting this information at the back of your CV you are encouraging them to look through the whole of your CV, which could give you the crucial edge and ensure you are a remembered candidate.
  • Bullet points are your friend – If this list was presented as a big paragraph of text, chances are, you wouldn’t read it. The same goes for your employer – seeing all your achievements laid out in one big paragraph looks daunting to read and will likely deter employers from reading them. By ensuring that all your key skills are laid out clearly and concisely, it makes sure that you are conveying your employability.
  • What do you currently do? – An employer is most interested in what you are currently doing. Your most recent work and the duties you hold should be clear on the first page of your CV.
  • Activities and interests – Your career achievements and skills are not the only factors that an employer will take into account when making a hiring decision. They will also want to know what kind of person you are and what kind of things you like to do. It’s worth highlighting this as part of you CV to show off your achievements and interests outside of the workplace.

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