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The secrets to getting the best from your recruiter

Posted: 02 August 2017

How can you get the very best out of your recruiter? We spoke to IRP’s Recruiter of the Year, Andy Cox to find out:

  • Fee

Do – find a compromise! In an ideal world both parties will be happy and you’ll work with a highly motivated recruiter that will always go the extra mile for you.

Don’t – attempt to pay an unrealistic fee. Even if you succeed then chances are at best you’ll get compliance rather than commitment!


  • Who to use

Do – choose one supplier and establish a good, strong and mutually beneficial working relationship with them. Ask around, get a referral or recommendation. Imagine you’re looking for a plumber – who was really good, who shone, who went the extra mile? That’s the one to go for.

Don’t – use multiple agencies at the same time and send out the same brief to all of them. Some organisations mistakenly believe that pitting agencies against one another encourages competition and is in some way advantageous to them. Nothing could be further from the truth. All this does is demotivate the recruiters and each de-prioritises your vacant role.


  • Briefing

Do – brief your recruiter properly – give them all the information they need to do a good job. This includes an accurate job description, a thorough briefing on your organisation and the open role and overviews of your preferred interview process. Help them to help you.

Don’t – prevent your recruiter from speaking to the hiring manager. A detailed understanding of the brief at the start of the recruitment process will save a lot of time and ensure your role gets filled as quickly as possible. The better they understand the requirement the better job they will do!


  • Transparency

Do – Be upfront about what you expect from your recruiter. Tell them about your interview process and your expected deadlines. Your recruiter acts as a middleman, so the more they know, the more they can manage the expectations of the potential candidates, ensuring a positive candidate experience that reflects your employer brand.

Don’t – Surprise your recruiter with further rounds of interviews. This slows down the process and you run the risk of losing the best available candidate!


  • Feedback

Do – Let your recruiter know how things are going. Also, provide your feedback on candidates that have interviewed. Your recruiter wants to ensure that your potential candidates have a great experience in their job hunt, and hearing nothing back could affect your reputation as an employer.

Don’t – ignore the unsuccessful candidates. You may need to call on unsuccessful candidates for any future roles you might have. Make sure they’re still itching to join your company by giving constructive criticism. You always want to ensure that you’re attracting the best talent possible.


If you want to work with Andy then visit his LinkedIn page or contact him on acox@rethink-recruitment.com.