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The law of attraction

Posted: 01 March 2013

I read a few days ago that the ‘The Law of Attraction’ can be defined as “the science of attracting more of what you want, and less of what you don’t”.  How fitting for an industry which is waking up to the importance of talent attraction.

In the past year I have supported a wide array of organisations whilst they undertook activities such as profiling the top 5% of their employees, holding workshops to understand their culture better and creating focus groups to define how their business differentiates against the competition.

Whilst the Employer Value Proposition is integral to any attraction strategy its success relies on the same key factor as any good story, how it is told!

Mitch Sullivanof FT Recruitment Ltd, pointed out that at the very beginning of any attraction strategy, many companies could be more innovative simply by “spending more time articulating their employment propositions with more vigour, creativity and honesty.”

However, I often meet with individuals who are able to articulate their companies EVP in a passionate, compelling way. Yet from an external perspective, there is little or no promotion of it. Remember, if you’re a big brand your company is probably on the ‘target list’ for many, however are you doing enough to tell your story? After all, perception is reality.

Recruitment marketing has transformed since the day when newspaper ads were the height of sophistication. The diverse range of ways now available to communicate with potential candidates has revolutionised recruitment interaction, to an extent personalising it but also opening up each company’s culture and environment for outside inspection.

So let’s look at what should be your primary source for talent, your careers page…

Like most, I imagine it lists your available roles, perhaps includes some detail around corporate culture and refers to the organisations commitment to staff development. Whilst all of this may well be true and correct, how does this differentiate you?

Annie Besant, famed for her captivating tales compared the ‘law of attraction’ to gravitation. Does your existing careers page gravitate talent towards you? Does it entice them into the story, draw them towards the characters and cause them to imagine themselves in the role of the main protagonist?

If not, then perhaps the solution is a simple adjustment to how you are telling the story? Where a combination of traditional, digital and social methods can have a sizable impact on your direct attraction levels. Creative rich media content, the use of gamification & crowdsourcing techniques and mobile propositions are leading dramatic improvements to those forward-thinking organisations which are utilising these Recruitment 4.0 tools.

In this article, I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite examples of companies who have created more enticing ways to encourage applications.

Lets start with Microsoft, who created a dummy database and set up a contest for Hackers.  The prize, a cash reward for the hacker that was the quickest to hack into the database and find a specific piece of information.  Candidates had to register to enter the contest.  As well as receiving a lot of attention and candidate details, they actually hired the winner.

Trader Media Group launched a completely new careers site developed in conjunction with their creative teams. This utilises traditional and digital methods and has demonstrated a strong ROI since it’s launch.

BskyB, never one to be left behind recently developed 10reasons utilising a significant amount of rich media. Interactive product shows, a direct link to their recruitment team via social media and a host of video content brings their EVP to life.

This years RAD awards recognised BAE Systems as the winner of the best use of digital for their See beneath the surface campaign which had outstanding results in the attraction of engineers to the defence and aerospace specialist.

It comes as no surprise that thus far in 2013, Rethink Group have seen an increased demand for support in the design and execution of improved talent attraction strategies. We are transforming EVP’s into video and interactive content, mobile solutions, social communities and hosting events on behalf of our partners. We are delivering tangible value by improving direct attraction ratios and most importantly, significantly enhancing the candidate experience.

To finish, lets remind ourselves that The Law of Attraction states that we choose people because of who they are, whilst we love them because of the way they understand us. Therefore if you want great talent to fall in love with your business, you have to show them you understand.

So……are you doing enough?

If you want to refine your EVP, get in touch.